Individual Coaching


Everyone wants to be happy. No matter what we say or do, deep down we all want to be happy. But sometimes we don't really know how to get on the road to happiness and we end up in confusion and suffering. The way to be happy is to discover our inner potential so that we can live our lives to the fullest. To do this, we need to learn how our mind works, how we can develop good physical health and how we can have a good relationship with our life. These three aspects: mind, body and relationships are therefore key factors in our happiness and require special attention.


In our coaching sessions, we try to help each person find their own inner wisdom. Everyone knows himself best and has to find his answers within himself. A good coach should be like a mirror that you hold up to yourself. By looking into this mirror, we start to see ourselves better and find our own way to maximise our full potential. However, inner change also requires reliable knowledge and tools and this is where inner wisdom can really make a difference. With our knowledge of Tibetan Buddhist teachings, we can really give you great ways to maximise the potential of your mind, body and relationships.


  • For the mind, we will provide great methods and knowledge from ancient Buddhist psychology and meditation practice where needed.
  • For the body, we will use the great methods of Tantrayana Buddhism such as Lu Jong, Tog Chöd and Tsa Lung (more information here).
  • For relationships, we will use specific methods from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of mind training (Lo Jong).

But in the end, each person has to find their own way and discover their own inner wisdom. The tools are only there to help do this.


If you are inspired by our philosophy, contact us to ask further questions or to schedule a coaching session directly.


"Change one, change all"

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoché