"Leadership from Within" Progamme

"Leadership from Within" is a fantastic self-development programme that was created by Tulku Lobsang to enable people to awaken their full potential. This unique method focuses on the development of the three wealths that are necessary to be fully happy: the "wealth of the mind", the "wealth of the body" and the "wealth of life".



By knowing and understanding the richness of life, the richness of the body and the richness of the mind, it is possible to access our full potential. This is the way to let our potential grow so that we can become a true leader for ourselves and others. This programme also teaches how to reduce stress, by gaining a better understanding of the relationship between stress and the wisdom of the world, as well as the relationship between stress and the functioning of the body and mind.


In addition to knowledge and self-awareness, practical tools are given to transform thoughts and physical stress. Concrete methods are also taught to develop the qualities that will make others want to follow your example.


This programme is a perfect solution to enhance the qualities of all business leaders and anyone interested in improving their lives.


- In the first part of the programme,

the focus is on the richness of the body, or in other words on physical health. Participants are introduced to unique body movement techniques (see methods section for more information) that make their bodies stronger, healthier and more vital. At the same time, these exercises balance their emotions, increase their energy level and reduce the physical symptoms of stress.


- In the second part,

participants achieve happiness by working with their mind. They learn to understand the mind, reduce their stress levels and manage their emotions. They are taught how to train the mind, expand awareness and thus initiate change in themselves. The more you work with your mind, the more it is able to accomplish. In this way you can create your own happiness.


- The third part,

teaches how to achieve deep contentment with your life. Participants examine their relationships with themselves and others and learn how to improve them. They are taught how to train the mind to achieve the things they want in life and to develop the qualities that enable leadership from within.


You can find more information on the official website of the programme.



"Knowing one self is one of the most valuable skill a leader can have"

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoché