Tsa Lung

Like Lu Jong, Tsa Lung is very beneficial on a physical, energetic and mental level. Lu Jong focuses more on the channels compared to Tsa Lung, which works more directly with the wind energy of the subtle body. The exercises are performed while holding the breath, which allows the movements to penetrate deeper into the body.

The Magical Movements

Tsa Lung is a practice that works intensely with the subtle body. By combining special breath-holding techniques with physical movements and visualizations, we move our wind energy throughout the body, allowing it to reach deep places and open up more and more subtle channels.


This practice has countless physical, energetic and mental benefits. To name a few, Tsa Lung removes waste and impurities from the body, improves blood quality, strengthens the immune system, increases longevity, restores flexibility and suppleness to the channels, increases energy, reduces negative emotions and mental suffering, and brings about a state of vibrant mental clarity.

This physical practice is very dynamic and powerful. And holding the breath makes it even more challenging. But the breath-holding training is what makes Tsa Lung so powerful and special. The exercises become deeper and more powerful and our breathing becomes calmer and fuller. At the end of each exercise, all the breath that has been held during the exercise is completely expelled and we are left with a feeling of purity and calmness.


There are many Tsa Lung exercises in the Tibetan Buddhist Tantric tradition. Here we teach a series of 20 exercises from the Kalachakra tradition reaching all parts of the body. Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche has specifically chosen these exercises for Westerners as they are not too difficult to perform and are both very complete and powerful. More information on Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche's website.


Video of a Tsa Lung practice

"When we control our wind energy, we control our thoughts"

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoché