Tog Chöd

Tog Chöd is a powerful and dynamic practice with a sword that brings us directly into the present moment. Tog means thoughts and Chöd means to cut or release.

The Wisdom Sword

Tog Chöd is a perfect meditation technique for people who prefer to move rather than sit to meditate. Very often our mind is very busy and it is a real challenge to try to calm it down just by sitting. We need a powerful practice to get us out of our thoughts and that is exactly what Tog Chöd does. 


Another level of Tog Chöd works directly with our negative emotions, especially anger. With a deep motivation of compassion, we bring anger into the practice and transform it into space and clarity. Tog Chöd also reduces our fear and expectations that are linked to the past and future.


The main philosophy of Tog Chöd is that there are no enemies outside ourselves. With the Tog Chöd wisdom sword, we cut off our thoughts and release our negative emotions, leaving us with a clear and calm mind.


The powerful movements with the sword also allow us to develop our self-confidence and increase our decision-making power. We begin to stop fearing the past and expecting the future and this leaves us with the full potential of the present, the only time when it is possible to create the life we want.


Tog Chöd was developed by Tulku Lobsang and is based on the traditional dances of the Yaman monks and the Kalachakra movements of Tibetan Buddhism. It was created in direct response to the needs of those of us in the modern world.


Tog Chöd practice consists of 3 different sets of forms and movements and can eventually be practiced outside of all forms. More information on Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche's website and the Tog Chöd website.

Video of a Tog Chöd practice

"As long as we don't know everything, we have to make decisions to be more clear"

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoché